How to structure academic math conversations to support English Learners

Excerpted from “Training Math to English Learners” by Adrian Mendoza with Tina Beene. Posted by Seidlitz Training, 2022. Embracing educational discussions in the math classroom gets regime when teachers deliberately prepare content-dependent linguistic supports to tutorial and scaffold language. These options for language are significant because verbalizing thinking will help […]

Bilingual books about winter – Bilingual Marketplace

*This post contains affiliate links which means we may earn a commission if you use them at no cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more information. Juliana Shoumbert  Hi! I’m a G/T Bilingual teacher (EC-6th), passionate about bilingual/dual language education and language learning.  Happy *almost New Year! It seems that not too long […]

11 Fun Facts About The London Eye

The London Eye is the largest cantilevered observation wheel in the world and is frequently referred to as the Millennium Wheel. It is also a single of the most frequented tourist attractions in London and has obtained a lot of awards. Have a look at some interesting specifics about the […]