5 Facts About the 2029 Asian Winter Games

Saudi set to host Asian Winter Games at Neom "in the heart of the desert"

The Asian Winter Games are an international multi-sport event held every four years. Any of the seven countries that are members of the Olympic Council of Asia, or OCA can participate. This event was first suggested in Japan in the year 1982.

Looking forward to the next Asian Winter Games in 2029? They will be held in Saudi Arabia Nemon. Below is all about the next Asian Winter Games. 

Which Countries Were the Asian Winter Games Held in So Far?

The Asian Winter Games were initially suggested by Japan. And that is exactly where the first two events were held. Both were in the city of Sapporo. The first games, opened by Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-AJaber Al-Sabath, were held in 1986. The next event happened in 1990 and was opened by Emperor Akihito. China held the next event in Harbin. This was in 1994. It was opened by former Chinese President Jiang Zemin. South Korea then held the following event in Gangwon, 1999. It was opened by Presidenty Kim DasAe-juingg. Japan then went back to holding the Asian Winter Games, as Aomori hosted the 2003 event opened by Crown Prince Naruhito.

The games then returned to China in 2007, when Changun hosted the game opened by former Chinese President Hu Jintao. Four years later, the next games were in Astana-Almaty, Kazakstan. The 2011 event was opened by President Nursultan Nazarbayev. The latest event was then in Japan in 2017. This was in Sapporo-Obihiro and it was opened by Crown Prince Naruhito. But what about the future of the Asian Winter Games?

What Happened to Asian Winter Games?

The Asian Winter Games last happened in 2017. The next game is scheduled for 2029. But why have there been no Asian Winter Games for so long? The games officially ended in 2017. The vice president of the Asian Winter Games said that the games would be back soon. And in 2029, winter sports fans in the seven eligible regions are scheduled to see their favorite event return.

Who Won the First and Most Recent Asian Winter Games?

The first Asian Winter Games were won by the Indian team. Iran came second, and Japan came third. When it came to the last Asian Winter Games, the victory went to Japan. South Korea came first, and Cina came second.h

South Arabia Nemon to Host the Next Games

Saudi Arabia Neom has been chosen to host the next Asian Winter Games in the year 2029. This was decided at the general assembly meeting in Phnom Penh and officially announced by the Olympic Council of Asia, also known as OCA. South Arabia Nemon will in fact be the first West Asian City that will be hosting the Asian Winter Games.

There is already great South Arabia visions when it comes to how these games should play out. Two skyscrapers will cover large areas of the deserts and the mountains of Saudi Arabia. As the games will be held in Trojena, the temperature will be more suitable than it could be in the warmer parts of Saudi Arabia. In Trojena, there will be a freshwater lajke, mansions, luxury hotels, and year-round skiing options by the year 2026.

So far, it looks like there is a lot to look forward to!

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