7 Remote Working Ideas for 2021

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The concept of remote work is relatively new – because, a few decades ago, working remotely seemed almost impossible. However, with the advancement of technologies and the frightening development of the pandemic we are experiencing, remote work is becoming the most common model of work.

It seems that the home office work model is a dream of many people: a survey conducted by Buffer in late 2019 showed interesting  statistics on working remotely – 98% of the employees and workers interviewed would like to work remotely for the rest of their life.

One of the biggest advantages of remote work is the possibility of building a rewarding career without having to be stuck in an office and an extremely rigid routine.

Remote jobs also have greater flexibility with respect to working hours and project delivery deadlines, which may be a priority for some people. Whether you have small children at home or a steady job that requires full attention for a few hours a day, working remotely can be a viable alternative to better manage the schedules and particulars of your routine.

To help the search, we have compiled a shortlist with 7 very varied remote work ideas, to try to accommodate different niches and professional skills.

Let’s start:

1. Developer and programmer

The most common type of remote jobs is probably within the category of developing and programming apps, software, and games.

Although not all developer and/or programmer vacancies are remote, it is important to remember that there is a very high demand for this skill- which means that the possibility of finding a position that allows remote work is also significant.

In fact, the projected pace of growth in the technology sector remains high, which means that the number of vacancies within recognized companies only tends to increase. If you still don’t have a lot of experience in the field, now is the time to hone your skills and start looking for an internship or position as a junior developer or programmer.

2. Start a podcast

Do you understand a lot about any subject? Already a reference among your friends? Then, you can start hosting a podcast about it and make yourself known on the internet. People who like to travel, for example, can create travel blogs and become influencers in the field of tourism and do this remote work from anywhere on the planet.

And with that online authority, you can become a digital influencer (even if it is in niche matters) and still sell advertising space on your pages. According to HubSpot’s podcast statistics, ad slots cost between $10 to $50. This is the base price though. If you manage to get a high listenership, you can sell ad slots at even higher rates.

3. Journalist and writer (content creator)

Journalism, contrary to what many people think, remains alive even with the reduced circulation of paper newspapers.

In terms of vacancies and remote work opportunities in the area, it is important that you have good professional research skills and an excellent command of the English language. One way to gain experience (and build a good portfolio) is to create content for blogs and other websites.

4. Entrepreneur

This is a remote working idea a little different from the others we listed above, as it involves working exclusively for yourself – and not for other companies. But, if you are looking for an opportunity to change careers and start building something of your own, entrepreneurship may be one of the best ways.

It is not an easy job, but it can be highly rewarding (and, of course, it can bear good fruit). And it’s worth remembering that starting your own business can teach you a series of professional skills that you don’t already have – in addition to perfecting and developing those that you already have.

5. Social media manager (social media administrator)

If you are familiar with social networks and would like to work in a related area, how about considering remote work as a social media manager?

This job position, also known as administrator or manager of social networks, involves scheduling posts and analysing related metrics, such as clickthrough rate and levels of engagement of followers. In addition, the social media manager is also usually responsible for a small team of skilled employees – which means that you need to have good control in leadership situations and be well organized to keep team communications up to date.

6. Transcriber

If you are super detailed, have a good ear, and are looking for a remote job that makes good use of these skills, how about considering a job as a transcriber?

The transcriber, for those who do not know, is the professional responsible for converting audio files into text documents – a service used in various sectors and by the most diverse professionals, from doctors to podcast hosts.

It may seem easy, but it is important to remember that the job is not that simple. First, you need to be able to type the text and listen to the audio simultaneously; second, it is crucial that you do not make mistakes that compromise the meaning of what is being said.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that there is a constant demand for transcribers in the market, and everything indicates that this scenario should continue like this for the next few years.

7. Web Designer

Web designing is a field of work that requires a set of cutting-edge professional skills. Within the vacancies for remote work, the trend is that areas such as design for WordPress, UI, and UX have greater potential.

The market is looking for a qualified workforce with a good portfolio, so if you already know the basics of design you can start to perfect your skills and build websites and projects that show your talent. In addition, it is worth remembering that the business market will always need designers, which makes this career a solid and future-proof option.

We hope this guide to remote work ideas is useful.

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