Are smocked dresses a new wardrobe staple for women?

Move Over, Gingham. Smocking Is the New Summer Staple

Women are given large fashion categories and numerous items to show a personal style. Smocked dresses are something that women should add to their wardrobe. However, should one not be sure that smocked dresses are for them, Bella Barnett offers a variety of different styled dresses one could also look at. So, what is a smocked dress, and is it for me? Smocked dresses are dresses that use a specific type of sewing technique. The lightweight fabric is bundled together, and an elastic thread is sewn over it, keeping it in place. The garment’s design is to fit the body snuggly, but the rough, roused fabric is ideal for hiding imperfections. Also, the item is very stretchable due to a large amount of elastic. 

Age has nothing to do with it!

The fashion industry introduced smocked dresses in the 1920s, but they are very much in style for women for various reasons. For the younger ladies, the items are stylish and make fashion statements. The smocked waist or sleeves makes quite the fashion statement! It is ideal for ladies struggling with the weight loss and weight gain battle because the fabric is stretchy, so it can look flattering if a few extra pounds are lost or gained. Due to the elastic nature of the material, the dress gives much comfort and flatters all shapes, so it is an option many stay-at-home mothers or even those working remotely now opt to wear. Pregnant and postpartum mothers make use of the smocked dress a lot. When pregnant, the stretch in the fabric and tightness on the chest area allows room for the stomach to grow so that women can wear this dress throughout most of their pregnancy. Moreover, it aids breastfeeding because the smocked part of the dress is straightforward to pull on and off to feed the baby. Finally, the smocked dress is a perfect solution for those traveling on long trips because the fabrics used are lightweight, ensuring one is kept cool.

The versatility of the smocked dress

The smocked dress can be dulled down to be more casual or dollied up to be more formal; thus, it is a staple for most women’s wardrobes. The dresses are of various lengths and are ideal for being paired with different accessories. One can go from a stroll in the park with a smocked dress and sneakers with a sunhat to an elegant evening meal by switching out the sneakers for heels, a hat for a hair accessory, and adding a coat or jacket. Thus, it is very versatile. Should one want the dress to be even more versatile, be sure to grab it in a neutral color without a bold print. That way, one can wear it many times with other accessories.

The verdict on smocked dresses is out.

Since an item like this can flatter most figures, aid daily living for others, and ensures a fashion statement is made, it is why it is so popular. Ensure you purchase the correct style and length dress in a color that will suit one’s skin tone, and you can enjoy wearing the dress for many years. 

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