Baptist Medical Center receives $20,000 PPE donation

Baptist Hospital

Baptist Hospital

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center received a $20,000 donation worth of PPE for healthcare workers.

Dr. Jennifer DeLaney designed the full-faced powered air purifying respirators at Hunter Engineering in the metro. Typically, Hunter Engineering manufactures automotive service equipment such as front end alignment machines.

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“They jumped to the floor when they were on furlough during the beginning of the pandemic to develop, design and manufacture these so they could protect local healthcare workers and support their community,” Dr. DeLaney said.

DeLaney said with being a health care worker herself, it was important to make something that would not only keep workers safe but also comfortable.

“We had a lot of staff that didn’t want to wear the old ones because you couldn’t hear the patience and they couldn’t hear you,” respiratory director Amanda McGruder said. “You couldn’t hear each other, so that became a safety issue. With a doctor designing this, she knows the issues we go through.”

DeLaney also raised enough money so that she could donate the first 350 to hospital workers around the country free of charge. Of the 350, 50 pairs will be donated to hospitals in Jackson.

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