Bartek Swiatecki / Pener: Selected Works 15-21

A new ebook below functions 6 a long time of chosen will work from a Polish graffiti author, muralist, and professor of artwork and painting at a secondary faculty in his hometown of Olsztyn, Pener. He reckons that his daily life is a person of ‘Planned Freestyle,’ that means that obtaining structure imposed on him is really valuable in focusing his artistic mind. You may swiftly value this characterization if you know any artists.

Bartek Swiatecki / Pener. Chosen Performs 15 – 21. Printed in Poland © Bartek Swiatecki

The selection of chosen functions right here by Barteck Swiatecki is as luminous and optically rewarding to the viewer as they are opaque to the head and stirring to the coronary heart. With prolific and carefully evolving abstractions in motion, you can see an artist at operate, at enjoy, and his own finest – topping his preceding operate. The grandson of an additional painter and professor (of philology), Miroslaw Swiatecki, and the nephew of a popular painter and animator, Marek Swiatecki, probably it was only a subject of time in advance of this 90s graffiti writer moved into far more official tactics on canvas and walls.

In an in-depth interview, Pener reveals his occasionally complicated thoughts about the label of avenue artist, pretty much as if it diminishes his abilities and craft.

“Almost all of my buddies I paint with are graduates of art colleges at universities or academies most of them are architects or graphic designers,” he suggests. “Each of us operates difficult, so I get angry sometimes when we are labeled street artists simply because it is a massive simplification.”

The sentiment rings accurate, whilst we have never ever experienced everything but regard for avenue artists, regardless of their official training. We witness a wrestle for definitions at virtually each juncture along this graffiti/avenue art/great art/mural artwork/modern day artwork continuum.

In the conclusion, the operate speaks for itself, as this ebook can attest.

Bartek Swiatecki / Pener. Chosen Operates 15 – 21. Printed in Poland © Bartek Swiatecki

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