Book lovers are furious over this woman’s living room decoration: ‘Completely brainwashed’ [Video]

Trendy home decorating hacks are all over the internet, but this one sent a chill down the spines of book lovers everywhere.

TikTok user rosekaylee_ posted a video of an easy way to transform old books into an artistic display.

It went viral on Twitter when book designer Ryan Hammond shared the video with his followers.

“Help. Have just come across this horror on TikTok and had to share with all of you book people because a little bit of me died inside,” he wrote in his caption.

In the video, a person coated a book in black paint, dried it with a hairdryer, coated it in a glossy varnish. They then did the same thing to another book, but replaced the black paint with white.

The end result is a stylish stack of books with the words “Chanel,” “Dior” and “Louis Vuitton” painted on them.

Credit: Tiktok/rosekaylee_

Having designer books on display is a popular trend — it’s a simple way to make your space look ultra-glamorous.

Credit: YouTube/Jaclyn Hill

Most commenters took issue with the prospect of defacing book covers, though.

“Imagine being so completely brainwashed by advertising that looking at brand names makes you happy,” one Twitter user said.

“Why ruin perfectly good books to make the cheapest looking “decor” though!! Books are beautiful leave them alone,” another wrote.

Others didn’t think it was such a big deal.

“But what is the issue? They bought these books with their money, and it is their property and they are using it for creative purposes,” one user wrote. “Books can’t ONLY be used for reading or photo ops. I would not mind if my book ended like this.”

“You guys do realize they print more than one copy of each book, right?” another said.

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