Buying Guide: Furniture Cushions Perfect For Your Patio

A lot of people failed to recognize the potential function of their outdoor spaces. If you have a deck or patio, why not make use of it so that you can still enjoy the sunset and sunrise amidst the pandemic? Just add outdoor furniture and comfy cushions to avoid sitting on the hardwood.

The cushions you have to use for your outdoor space must not be the same cushions you use in your living room. They are entirely made from different materials to better serve their purpose. Outdoor cushions must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and wear and tear. They come in various sizes, colors, and shapes to suit any outdoor themes. If you are a first-time outdoor cushion buyer, this article will help you get to know the different materials that they are made of, as well as, some of the best in the market. After reading, you can then make informed buying decisions. 

Materials used to manufacture Outdoor cushion covers

The appearance of almost all outdoor cushions may be the same, but the materials used to manufacture them vary. It is important that you know the different options you have in order to avoid buying cushions with low water-resistant properties that can easily fade after a few exposures to sunlight. 


If you are looking for affordable cushion covers, then choose those that are made from vinyl materials, also known as PVC. With this cushion, you will get what you paid for. Compared to other materials, it does not perform well in the heat. When you let it be exposed to sunlight, it can easily get extremely hot. Aside from this, it is also a non-recyclable material which is not good for the environment.

Cotton canvas

The cotton canvas is one of the oldest materials used for cushion covers. People started using it way back in the 13th century. This fabric is prone to mold and mildew during the rainy season because it is not water-resistant. It is slightly high maintenance because you have to treat it with a waterproof application yearly.


Textilene can also get hot when it receives sunlight but its polyester yarns made the cover more durable. They do not get rips and tears due to zippers and buttons. Despite being waterproof, its color can still fade after constant exposure to the sun.

Sunbrella fabric

The Sunbrella fabric is the top choice for most homeowners because it is 100% fade-resistant, waterproof, chlorine safe, and mold resistant. These features come with an expensive price tag. So be ready to splurge on a cushion cover if you want it to stand the test of time.

The best outdoor cushions for your patio

With so many outdoor cushions sold in the market, you might not know what to buy. You must purchase the one that will work best for your current outdoor furniture, from the color down to the pattern and style. Read on for the best outdoor cushions for your patio and buy one before they get out of stock. If you don’t think they can complement the design of your couch, you can customize your cushions here.

  1. Outdoor tufted seat cushions

These outdoor tufted seat cushions are only available in red which is perfect for classic-styled outdoor spaces. It is made from 100% recycled polyester materials making it comfortable and long-lasting. It is ideal to use on the patio because its color will not fade even if it is regularly in contact with water and sunlight. Its color would be the same after years of use. 

  1. Greendale outdoor chair cushion

This cushion is resistant to water, stain, fading, and mildew because of its heavy-duty outdoor polyester fabric. Since it is a field with soft poly fiber, it can provide a comfortable place to sit while enjoying a meal on your patio. Having a high-back cushion makes it unique from other products in the market. It is available in over 50 colors which gives you enough options to choose from.

  1. IND4 outdoor seat cushions with ties

The IND4 outdoor seat cushions have geometric prints and ties that can easily attract anyone’s attention. Aside from the aesthetic purpose of the tie, you can use it if you want to secure the cushion to the chair. You can buy this in other colors, namely gray and red.

In a Nutshell

Buying a cushion is one of the right decisions that you can make so that you can use your patio more often without feeling uncomfortable. To keep your cushions for the years to come, make sure they are made from high-quality materials!

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