General Hospital Recap: General Hospital Recap: Sam Accuses Brando of Sabotage

At General Hospital, Franco arrives and lets Liz know he understands if she needs to be there working overtime for Jason, and she can make it up to him at the unveiling tomorrow. Liz can’t attend and explains Jason is having exploratory surgery and she needs to be present for Jake’s sake. Meanwhile, Lulu finds Ned in the hall and they discuss Cyrus making a bid to back General Hospital and the board voting on it tomorrow. Cyrus approaches and announces now he knows why his ears were burning. They exchange words, and Renault claims to be an innocent businessman before he departs. Lulu tells Ned they have to stop Renault. Elsewhere, Brando recounts to Sonny that Jason came by just after he finished working on his bike. Sam overhears and calls him a liar because Jason would never let anyone touch his bike. She accuses him of rigging the bike and thinks his arriving in town just as Renault targeted Sonny wasn’t a coincidence. Suddenly Liz approaches and tells Sam that Jason is stable and in the ICU. She takes Sam to see him, and he is unconscious. Sam sits by his bedside and tells him not to quit on her. Felix stops by to warn Sam that her parole officer is there and she is demanding to see Jason. She says she’ll take care of things. Back in the hall, Sonny wonders if there is something else Brando needs to tell him. Brando recalls his visit from Cyrus but says nothing.

Sam accuses Brando on GH

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At the Metro Court, Nikolas tells Ava he heard from Spencer and has come to a decision about their marriage. Ava and Nikolas approach Julian and Nelle at a table, and Ava joins them while Nikolas heads to the bar. Ava calls Nelle out for blackmailing her brother into this marriage and doesn’t understand the point of it. Julian tells her to look like a happy family for Nelle’s custody hearing. Nelle excuses herself to get a refill, and Ava asks Julian why he hasn’t killed her yet. Julian says their marriage will end once the custody case is determined and assures her that he has things under control. She wishes him luck and wonders where her husband has gone off to. Valentin takes a call about a deal, which needs to be kept under wraps. Nikolas overhears him and wonders what he’s planning. Valentin tells him to mind his own business. Nikolas leaves after some tense words, and later Valentin gets a call from Sam asking him to meet her at the hospital.

Ava confronts Nelle and Julian on GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow gets a surprise when her mother visits. Lorraine wanted to congratulate her and Michael on their wedding and assumes the marriage is for the custody case. She’s been keeping distant because she didn’t want to hurt their case because of her past criminal connections. They confront her that Jason is onto her and knows she’s been working for Cyrus. Michael excuses himself to take a call, and Lorraine advises Willow to listen to Jason because he will protect her. Willow wonders from who? Michael returns with the news that Jason was in an accident. After Lorraine leaves, Michael gets a text from Diane that the judge has come to a ruling and court will convene tomorrow.

Willow's mom visits on GH

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In Jordan’s office, Curtis wants an explanation as to where she’s been. She admits she was meeting with Cyrus, which infuriates Curtis. Curtis asks if there is anything else she’s keeping from him. Jordan recalls calling someone on a burner phone and getting their blessing but says nothing. Curtis asks what Renault is demanding now. She reveals that Renault wants her to come out in favor of Renault to restore his good reputation, and she has no choice otherwise more people will get hurt.

Curtis confronts Jordan about Cyrus on GH

Back at the hospital, Nikolas stops by to check on Liz and see if she needed to talk. Liz reminds him that she’s still angry with him, though admits it’s hard when he’s being so nice. Franco walks by and looks concerned seeing them together. Ava enters and tracks Nikolas down after he slipped away from her. As they argue, Franco and Liz sneak away. Nikolas slinks off and texts Spencer that he looks forward to discussing their family’s future soon. Elsewhere, Sonny leaves Brando to check on Carly. Loraine walks by and says hello to Mr. Corbin. In Jason’s room, Valentin arrives, and Sam agrees to give over the voting proxies of her children in exchange for him getting her a new parole officer. Meanwhile, Lulu and Ned watch over Lulu’s phone as Jordan gives a press conference announcing Cyrus Renault is and was an innocent man and is an upstanding and respected member of the community.

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