Keys to Developing Into a Great Basketball Shooter:

8 Keys to Becoming a Great Shooter in Basketball - Basketball HQ


Basketball shooting is one of the most essential skills that you need to develop if you want to excel on the glass. Great shooters like Steph Curry and Ray Allen are an indispensable asset to their teams.

If you aspire to be one of the pros that demonstrate their skill through impeccable shooting, keep reading.

Though it might sound really clichéd, the only way to develop into a tremendous basketball shooter is hard work. For the best results, you should keep practicing and working on your form.

Below, we break down some of the sure-fire ways to mature into a great shooter.

Failsafe ways to develop into a great basketball shooter:

Basketball shooting drills are mandatory to develop an impeccable form. But let us discuss some of the fundamentals that will help you perfect that form and become a pro shooter.

Your foundation is essential- stabilize your feet:

Even when you are doing basketball shooting practice drills with a shooting machine like the Shoot-A-Way Gun, you need to keep your shoulder-width and feet stable. Keeping your shoulder and feet parallel will help you perfect your form.

Keeping your feet parallel helps you optimize your balance. It will be helpful when you are shooting from the dribble in either direction or coming off of a screen.

Being shot ready is vital:

Suppose you want to develop into a great basketball shooter. In that case, you need to practice in real-time match simulations to create flawless muscle memory and coordination. If your elbows are always tucked in along your sides for making a shot and your wrists cocked for an effortless receive, you are ready to shoot at any instant.

If your knees are bent for power and balance, nothing like it! These will provide you with the impetus to shoot. Even if you are vying for the ball, your eyes should always be on the hoop. Eyeing the target and knowing its exact location by heart helps you land the perfect shot without even thinking. Suppose you are practicing with an automatic rebounder like a Shoot-A-Way Gun. In that case, your muscle memory and coordination will improve extensively and help you master the art of shooting!

Taking the shot- the most essential facet of basketball shooting:

Once the ball is in your control, you need to progress to the next step; that is, taking the shot.

But you should remember one thing.

During basketball shooting practice drills, you should follow the various steps of taking the shot flawlessly to integrate them into your muscle memory. It is the key. Because during a real-time match, you will not get a chance to think about the various steps of making the shot thoroughly and execute them. So, the best bet is to practice them and perfect them constantly.

Once you receive the ball, you should locate the target. Then you should start the ball at the chest level on your dominant hand side and raise it in a singular motion through the shooting shaft. The release is critical. Once you release the ball, your fingers should stay pointed towards the target. Your eyes should be on the target and not the ball. A good follow-through is also immensely crucial. It will help you to stay in your shooting form and not fading away from it.

There are no exceptions to basketball shooting practice drills:

The pro shooters of the big league have not become such phenomena by chance. It is not a fluke, but the result of dedication and hours of practice in the basketball training facilities. A pro basketball shooter fires approximately 300 to 500 shots daily. Practicing in environments that mimic real game situations is vital. Practicing at game speed helps you to be the best shooter on game day.

You should do a holistic session of basketball shooting drills that help you work on every shooting aspect. These days, advanced automatic shooting machines like the Gun help you to practice different variants of shooting drills that mold you into a great shooter. Apart from working on your off-the-dribble and stationary shots, you should toil behind the off-the-screen shots, mid-range shots, three-point shots, foul shots, backboard shots, off-rhythm shots, and float shots.

If you want to reap the rewards of becoming the ultimate pro shooter, these practice sessions will come to your help.

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