Know Your Options Before Buying Solitaire Diamonds

A solitaire diamond engagement ring is the ultimate in romantic proposals due to its unique structure. When discussing jewelry, the term solitaire is used to define one diamond or stone placed into a larger piece of jewelry, usually with another gemstone. Because of their singular nature, diamond solitaire rings are some of the more expensive pieces available. This is because there are not many other elements added to the ring – this alone drives up the cost.

Diamond Solitaire Rings

Diamond solitaire rings are typically placed into a metal ring with at least one other gemstone. Other stones such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires can be combined with a diamond to create a spectacular centerpiece in rare cases. The solitaire diamond itself will vary significantly, depending on its cut quality, shape, and surface area. Each particular diamond is cut differently, meaning that the overall appearance will differ from ring to ring.

Carat Size

Carat size is also essential when determining the best value for your solitaire diamond. Large diamonds are generally more expensive and are often sold as engagement rings. Their carat weight is larger than the other stones included. However, if you are looking for the absolute best value for your investment, then you should consider the benefits of getting 2 carat solitaire diamond. The smaller diamonds will be less bulky and may weigh less than two carats, for example. A two-carat diamond can weigh as much as six pounds, so weight scale is not an issue.

The cut of the diamond is also significant, as it will affect the way it shines. One of the more popular shapes for solitaire engagement rings is the oval. Although most people prefer the traditional round shape because of its more traditional look, the oval is growing in popularity due to its unique appearance. With the oval, light shines through the center of the diamond and projects outward. This unique shape can be enhanced by a prong setting, which has been around since the early 18th century.

When comparing 2-carat oval cut diamonds, you’ll find that the larger stone weighs less. While its carat weight may be similar, this is offset by the higher amount of sparkle the stone produces. The clarity of a diamond is determined by its degree of internal disorder, affecting how it radiates heat. A clear diamond reflects the light in the surrounding area. Simultaneously, a sparkling crystal allows the light to shine through the stone, resulting in sparkling, brilliant results.

Carat size is not the only thing to consider when choosing between round diamonds, however. A diamond’s carat size, color, cut, and clarity can make a massive difference in the final visual result. You can find the perfect diamond size for your taste and budget.

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