Kylie Jenner terrifies fans with frightening home decoration: ‘I’m creeped out’

Just when you think the Kardashian clan can’t get any crazier, Kylie Jenner offers a glimpse into her recreation room, where she casually keeps a wax figure of her mom, Kris Jenner.

During a house tour on Instagram Live, the makeup mogul showed fans the eerily lifelike wax statue.

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“Guess who came to live with me now — Kris Jenner’s wax figure,” Jenner declared during the Instagram Live. The Madame Tussauds figure sits at Kylie’s home bar, where she can vodka down to her heart’s content.

Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

For some strange reason, it sounds like all of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters wanted Kris’ wax figure in their home. During the Instagram Live, Jenner warned her sisters not to try and steal the momager mannequin, saying, “She’s mine now. I don’t wanna get any texts or phone calls from my sisters after this. She’s mine. Thanks, Mom.”

Though the Kar-Jenner clan is obsessed with the wax figure, fans sure aren’t. On Twitter, many users called Kris 2.0 “very creepy,” with one person noting that she was “scared as f***” by it.

This isn’t the first time Jenner has baffled fans with her choice of home decor. In April, the 22-year-old offered a glimpse inside her Palm Springs home, where she apparently has a “bunk room” with six beds in it.

Speaking of weird home decor, check out Gigi Hadid’s questionable interior design choices. (Spoiler alert: She embellished her cabinets with dyed pasta.)

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