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Metasaga is a beautiful framework for deciphering and revisiting a familiar community environment for youngsters and grownups of all ages. It was developed by Kate Coutts in the early Noughties. Mainly the strategy aims to boost discussion and make inbound links and knowing involving people’s lives and the location that they reside. It uses serious objects and pursuits as a metaphor for personal discovery. It will work nicely in created or all-natural environments. It performs greatest in a local spot that children and young people can simply return to.

Kate designed the principle on a management system, so in the online video down below, the queries relate additional to problems close to leadership. Having said that it does extend on the concepts.

The Metasaga blogpost points out the framework in a small additional detail much too. The composition of a metasaga is easy and it is value practising this beforehand before trying it with your small children or a full course. It is centered on looking at in get:

Put – Values – Issues – Process – Music

Metasagas can be created for any put and any subject matter, theme or interest. They can be point or fiction! In some respects the course of action reminds me of De Bono’s Six Contemplating Hats in that at the time you have the notion, it is simple and versatile plenty of to be tailored and definitely helps with important considering outside. Check out it and see what you imagine!

This site submit was at first publishing in October 2010.

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