More Sex and Happy Relationships: It’s Automatic


Now this does not mean that you have to engage in sexual contact multiple times per week to be happy in your relationship. Science Daily says that couples have sex once a week on average. Studies have found that increasing the times of sexual intimacy per week did not improve well-being and happiness amongst couples.

The happiest of couples make time for sexual intimacy at least once a week to connect in a physical and emotional way to show their love. While sex can aid in happy relationships, it’s good to remember that a relationship is built on other pillars of sharing a life with someone that involve mutual trust, respect, and support shared together.

Here are 4 ways that more sex leads to happy relationship

1. Sex Helps with Emotional Intimacy

According to Very Well Mind, sex helps with emotional intimacy between a couple. The hormone, oxytocin is released into one’s body when intimacy happens between a couple. Kissing, touching, and hugging produces oxytocin as it leads into sexual intimacy. For men, oxytocin aids in erecting the penis and ejaculation. For women, oxytocin aids in the uterus contracting during sexual intercourse.

Emotional intimacy improves relatability, supportiveness, and higher social interaction between couples. It keeps the relationship fresh and new no matter how long the couple has been together.

2. Sex Relieves Stress

One or both the people in a relationship could be having a bad day at work or stressed out about something ongoing in their lives.

When a couple engages in sexual intimacy, endorphins are released in both their bodies. Endorphins help with stress relief. This hormone is linked to happiness and helping you to have a more positive mood during and once you are done performing this intimate act.

Even engaging in sexual intimacy with your significant other once a week will bring you both closer together and you can keep on going as a team through whatever struggles you could be facing.

3. The More Exercise You Get, the Healthier and Happier You Feel

You can burn up to 200 calories during each sexual intimacy encounter. Women that engage in more sexual intimacy are able to produce more estrogen to reduce the likelihood of contracting heart disease. For men that engage in sex at least 2 times every week, it reduces the likelihood of a heart attack later in life.

Because you are getting a form of exercise that also increases your mood, you are feeling happiness in your relationship. To be able to show your love physically to your significant other in an act of physical passion shows that you are potentially making something together as a unit, especially if you are planning to conceive a child during this love making.

Whether you and your partner’s sexual intimacy is due to a desire to conceive or not, you will both feel healthier from the regular exercise and happier from the emotional connection you are sharing during sexual intercourse.

4. Look for Non-Sexual Avenues for Improving Your Relationship
There’s many challenges that could occur when trying to incorporate more sexual intimacy in a couple’s routine. Between work obligations, other personal commitments, and any physical hindrances, it could get in the way of sparking sexual intimacy on a weekly basis.

Look at non-sexual avenues for improving your relationship such as:

  • Cuddling together on the couch after work.
  • Playing a favorite game you both like.
  • Cooking a meal or baking something together.
  • Help each other clean up your home (if you live together).
  • Following a sex guide or using new toys in the bedroom
  • Declutter a problem space in your home together (if you live together).
  • Work on a project of your choice together.
  • Talk to each other about your personal dreams and goals.
  • Discuss your shared dreams and goals that you want to do as a couple.
  • Learn a hobby in which one person is highly interested, but not the other. For example, she can learn his passion for sports and he can learn her passion for gardening.

Sex is Only a Small Factor in Relationship Factor
Sex improves relationship happiness, but only by so much. A relationship’s foundation thrives on working together, trustworthiness, and respecting one another’s personal goals. Engage in sexual intimacy as a physical and emotional support in your relationship and not as a last resort in keeping a relationship together.

Sometimes sex can be used as leverage to keep someone in a relationship with you, but do not abuse the privilege of sharing sexual intimacy with a significant other. Engage in the act with mutual trust and love for one another.

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