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Krystal K. Lindahl

Holly BF Warren (atelierista/art studio teacher/multimedia artist)

When we imagine we may well stare into area, appear out from a window, doodle, fiddle with whatsoever is at hand, touch our head, or enjoy with our hair. Creativeness weaves into our feelings and nudges us into the realm of alternatives.

If your wondering ended up a window, a put for observing and understanding with an intensive windowsill, what would you spot on it? If you found flower pots that grow imaginative paths, what would you increase in each individual pot?

Every single pot can develop an element of everyday living that would enhance your teaching/job therefore that of your students/co-workers. They could be of any dimensions and condition, color, and texture. Imagine of the window as the threshold of your reflection which nurtures shedding light, distorting, making illusions, enlarging, and minimizing your mind’s wandering journeys.



Below are some ideaseeds to muse and ponder on.

  • Basic
  • Character
  • Folks
  • Areas
  • Reminiscences
  • Stories/narratives
  • Steps
  • Sensation
  • Discourses
  • Goals
  • Appears
  • Music
  • Marginally Unusual
  • Condition
  • Colour/hue/shade
  • Shadow
  • Equation
  • Material
  • Sample
  • Area
  • Environment
  • Repurposed item
  • Outfits
  • Property/abode


You can build your very own checklist and or tweak the above kinds, as they are just starting up details.

How would it perform?

Build your own windowsill and location your pots with the ideaseeds on it. Consider of the seed developing into a plant wherever every single leaf/branch stems from the preliminary concept you selected and apply it to what you are doing. You can pick out additional than just one pot from which to draw inspiration. You can also join your imaginative wandering for a more impressive result.

You established the boundaries of your imaginative wanderings to match who you are, how you instruct and where you aim to guide your pupils.

Here is an instance of ideapots where by your ideaseeds grow and inspire views


Take into account that we are arteries of imagination (Egan,1996) that carry nutrients to our understanding, supplying oxygen to our training. Could creativeness be witnessed as an equation in which there is a constant exchange of aspects? I am contemplating of imaginative mobile respiration.

Fascinated in looking at additional from Holly? 

Holly BF Warren is an atelierista/art studio trainer/multimedia artist creator of the Imagine Tank and the Artelier. Holly functions as a innovative facilitator and mentor in Principal and Early Years. She is also the  narrator of the academic landscapes she makes with her learners which invite the audience to phase within the works of art created fueling the creativeness of the viewer. Her mottos are “Learning hardly ever stops” “When you phase within your creativeness you have observed the door to your self. Normally leave this doorway open up, it is an invitation to see far and huge. Shut it and you will wither.”

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