Performance with purpose: the story behind our new tagline

Krystal K. Lindahl

Lately, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have observed a change. No, we have not got a new haircut we have altered our tagline. 

Right after making use of ‘Thrive online’ for many a long time, we’re jumping into 2023 with the tagline ‘Performance with purpose’.

This 7 days, we sat down with Kier Humphreys, our straight-speaking Revenue Director, as he shares how our new tagline signifies us as the brand we are currently and why this is so important when it comes to working with new buyers.

Kier, why are taglines so critical to organizations or any brand?

Taglines eh? There’s a long and short version of this. In the limited model, a creative prodigy (hello!) spends an hour producing 20 alternate strains that ‘look about on brand’, presents them with gusto and their company peers marvel at the genius on present.

In the long edition that all nevertheless transpires, but it is built on in depth strategic thought and soul-browsing. See, in our case, a tagline is like an association with Jacob Rees-Mogg – at the time it is out there, you have to reside with the effects.

It allows you to sum up who you are as a brand name, genuinely succinctly in a pair of words – if you do it appropriate. If you do it terribly, it is just some b******* jargon about how to ‘live forever’ – I really don’t know what that indicates, it is pointless. I consider with ours, you get an idea of what we’re about in phrases of what we provide and why we do it. 

It will work on a few of ranges: we’re a functionality company who are going to provide overall performance and success – which is why persons question for our companies – but actually, we’re a B Corp business as very well, so we never just produce success for just anybody. We perform with those people who do great or want to do very good, way too.

Hallam’s former tagline was ‘Thrive online’. As we enter 2023, why was it vital to improve this?

It limited us a minor by implying we only perform digitally, and whilst we do a large amount digitally, it is not all digital. The which means of overall performance is extremely clear from the start off: we’re going to provide you general performance and success. That’s what men and women want from an company. ‘Thrive online’ is relevant for so lots of various styles of models – I don’t think it definitely reported who we are and that essential to alter.

I consider the reason ingredient of the tagline embodies the truth that gain is not our only intention. Of training course we’re listed here to offer – each individual business is – but we really do not provide to brand names who really do not align with our ‘purpose’, which is ‘doing good’. General performance is also a thing we’re often speaking about due to the fact we consider a general performance branding solution for our prospects, much too.

What’s the rationale guiding ‘performance with purpose’?

Hallam focuses on efficiency – but we also like to slumber at evening. And we do that by knowing our model partners aren’t cartels or loss of life cults. Absolutely sure, every agency is using the practice to Function City, but purpose for us is far more than a phrase. It is ingrained in our agency organization design. So we have to produce ‘performance’ with ‘purpose’. 

Do you know why I like the line, however? Mainly because it’s a check out and stability. We cannot escape it. Significantly like Jacob Rees Mogg’s good friends can’t say they exist in everything but a Dickensian reenactment, we just cannot deny that function is all the things to us. 

As we move even further into the recession, why is your business’ purpose far more important than at any time ahead of?

Function is a buzzword at the minute for all manufacturers. It’s becoming overused. Does Hellman’s mayonnaise have a function other than just becoming to make your sandwiches flavor better? 

If you are very clear on your reason, you are inclined to be obvious on what you’re accomplishing as a organization and who your audience is and I believe that not just in a recession, but at any place in time, if you are clear on who you are truly in small business to operate with and why you are in small business, you’re heading to be producing greater choices and you will have a clearer marketing method and a clearer profits approach to make certain you converse to individuals men and women. 

This becomes quintessential in a economic downturn for the reason that money is tight, is not it? So you want to make sure you are crystal obvious that every single pound you are paying is going after the appropriate people, so there is nothing at all to slash when invest will get limited.

How does the way that Hallam is seeking to expand relate to the vision of general performance with function? 

We’re seeking to place performance front and centre of every little thing we’re accomplishing, but also earning it really clear that we’re only heading to be operating with manufacturers that do very good. We want to supply overall performance for the ideal models and make confident that every person in the company is operating with brand names they experience relaxed with. We’re seriously happy that we get the job done to supply the best for the proper manufacturers relatively than obtaining the state of mind of “let’s promote some extra to whoever we can”.

We don’t want that to be our legacy. We want our legacy to be supporting brands that have earned to grow to in fact improve. 

All over again, that relates to us currently being a B Corp. We acquire our role as a B Corp really very seriously. It is not one thing we did for a badge on the site we did it since we believe that in it and we want to make positive we’re operating with brand names that even if they’re not there nevertheless, they are on that journey and they want to be carrying out great as effectively. Of program advertising factors is vital, but we’re here to market the ideal points for the right folks, and which is what our new tagline conveys.

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