Service and Maintenance of Solar Panels

While many people think it’s not easy to service and maintain solar panels is quite simple. They do not have moving parts, so they do not need to be regularly maintained. Some maintenance, though, like cleaning and even repair work is always in order if they are to last as long as they should.

Cleaning The Panels

The panels need to be cleaned regularly. If the roof is flat and installed flush on the roof, then it is essential to make sure that leaves and falling snow do not cover them. Even a partially covered panel will produce less electricity and make the entire system less efficient. Ones that are installed at an angle are much easier to clean than ones that are installed flat.

While snow cannot accumulate on angled panels, dust and bird droppings on them will, over time, start to block the sun from hitting them full force. Some manufacturers state that solar panels only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. It can often be a good idea to clean them every three months or so, especially if the area is quite dusty.

One will also need to watch out for squirrels, as they are capable of chewing through wiring. Birds can sometimes make their nests right underneath the panels as well. A wise homeowner will take the time to inspect them regularly. It is also good to check for cracks, as these will let rainwater seep through and ruin the cells if not attended to. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on any trees growing in the yard and ensure that they are not blocking the sunlight from reaching the solar panels. Trees that are blocking the sun should be cut back or even chopped down altogether.

Hiring Professionals

While a homeowner can handle most of this maintenance on his or her own, it can be a wise idea to call in a professional in some cases. Finding a company that does solar panel maintenance is not hard. The solar panel repair and maintenance services by Solar Alternatives will make sure the panels, mounts, wiring, and mount brackets are right. It is also a good idea to change the thermal transfer fluid; this should be done every two or three years.

Buying and installing solar panels can enable a person to save thousands of dollars. While the paneling itself is expensive, it will usually have paid for itself once it has been up and running for several years. Furthermore, it is generally effortless to maintain. If a homeowner cleans and inspects them for signs of damage, they will last for up to three decades. Hiring a company to do irregular maintenance work is also a good idea. It ensures that they stay in optimum condition and provide as much electricity as possible.

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