Stock Quotes: First step towards trading

A Beginner's Guide to Online Stock Trading

The first step towards buying or selling of a particular stock is to grab the idea about the stock quotes. Stock quote is nothing but the brief overview of a particular stock. Several online stock brokers offer different types of stock quotes which are very useful for the investors. It is a very important phenomenon for intraday trading also. The practice of intraday trading is entirely based upon the ideas about the stock quotes. Stock quotes also play a very significant role in determining the fundamental and technical analysis of a particular stock. 

Significance of stock quotes in fundamental analysis:

When an investor desires to invest in a particular stock, the fundamental analysis is very important before investing. A fundamental analysis of a particular stock is derived on the basis of various parameters. Stock quotes are the building block of all the parameters which are essential to determine the fundamental analysis. A sound fundamental of a stock is the basic behind buying that particular stock.

Significance of stock quotes in technical analysis:

Besides the fundamental analysis, technical analysis is also a very important aspect for buying a stock. Technical analysis is based on several price parameters. Since, stock quotes give the overall idea about the price of a stock; it is not possible to perform technical analysis without knowing the stock quotes.

Components of stock quotes:

Stock quotes of a particular stock is comprised of various components which are given below:

> Name of the company: At the top of the segment, the name of the company is given.

> In the below of the company name of the stock exchange and stock ticker are provided. 

> The current trading price and beside the price, the increase and decrease in the price in percentage form are given.

> Open, high and low prices are given through which one can get an idea about the price movement of that stock on a particular day.

> The market cap is also given in the stock quote segment through which it can be known whether the company is a small cap, medium cap or large cap company.

> P/E ratio

> Some online stock broking companies furnish the dividend yield in the stock quote.

> Previous closing price is an important part of the stock quote.

> Another significant portion of the stock quote is 52-week high and 52-week low. 


The above article aimed at providing the gist of stock quotes. Stock quote is one of the most important segments as far as the share market is concerned. Before investing in the stock market, knowing about the stock quotes of sound companies is very much important. Before investing, you can check more information at

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