Tips to Transfer Your Web Hosting Plan From One Company to Another

How to transfer web hosting from one company to another - Blog |  Freeparking NZ

Some situations make it necessary to transfer your Domain Hosting services or  Web Host plans from one company to another. 

Suppose you are the NZ website owner and will get NZ Website Hosting with better features, security, and privacy in different companies. You want to migrate to the best Web Hosting in NZ.  

Reasons can be anything, but transferring Web Hosting sites is complex for many.

So, here in this article, we’ll learn some tips to help you transfer your website from one hosting plan to another quickly and smoothly.

Tips to Transfer Your Web Hosting Plan From One Company to Another

  1. Research and select a new hosting provider

Before transferring your Web Hosting plan, a new Web Hosting provider is required. 

So firstly, you have to search the different reputed Web Hosting providers and the different Web Hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, or more which can fill your needs and fit your budget.

  1. Take a backup of your website file

After choosing the fastest Web Hosting services, you must focus on backing up your files, database, email account, and more. 

Having the backup of all data helps you stay peace of mind during the transition.

  1. Evaluate your website size and traffic

You should evaluate how many resources you are required in your new hosting plan to handle the anticipated traffic on your website, such as bandwidth, storage, Server performance, and more. 

So you can manage the anticipated future goal without any problem.

  1. Setting up a new hosting account

You can sign up for the new hosting plan account and set it up by configuring your domain name and DNS settings. 

Then, ensure they are both correctly updated to avoid any disruption in the transferring process.

  1. Transfer your website data

You must carefully import and transfer your website files, database, and email accounts. And for this, you can use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a hosting control panel.

Also, ensure they come in the same directory structure so their functions will not affect them.

  1. Test your website

Testing your website to ensuree everything is in place and operating properly is critical. Thus, double-check all the web pages, functionality, and other interactive elements. 

Further test the website’s loading speed, contact forms, and other database-driven features to ensure that your translation of your website is smooth.

  1. Update DNS setting

Once it works well, you should update the DNS setting to ensure visitors can access your website with the correct name and location. 

Remember to be patient during this procedure, as switching from the old hosting provider to the new one takes some time.

  1. Cancel the old hosting account

Remember to cancel all your hosting accounts after the success of the transition. 

Check the cancellation process and stop all the billings so you don’t have to pay unnecessary charges.

  1. Monitor and troubleshoot

It is advisable to look closely for potential technical glitches so you will resolve them just after the transition. 

And then keep moving with the new hosting plans and providers with proper security.


Following these tips, one can smoothly transit their hosting plan from one company to another without disruption. 

More transitions will give the users a positive experience and play a crucial role in the website’s success. So make sure you prepare enough for a quick and smooth transition. 

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