What to Do When Root Canal Treatment Fails?

Failed Root Canal Symptoms - Symptoms of Failed Root Canal

When the soft tissue inside the root canal becomes aggravated or infected, root canals are required. Bacteria or tooth injury are the most common causes of this infection. Root canals are used to save a tooth and keep it from developing serious health problems in the future. To avoid difficulties, root canals should always be treated as soon as possible.

The first concern of the Single sitting RCT specialist would be to save the tooth. But what if the root canal itself fails?

A root canal fails when the root of a tooth that has previously been treated with a root canal becomes infected. If this infection is allowed to progress without treatment, it has the potential to spread to other teeth in the area or cause illness in other parts of the body.

When a Root Canal Doesn’t Work

Root canal therapy is sometimes performed, however, it is ineffective in managing the illness around the tooth. The dentist would do an X-ray of your tooth to identify the presence of a dark area around the tip of the root. In essence, the black area represents the body dissolving the bone around the root tip in response to the bacteria that are still present.

This can sometimes result in a very painful infection. The illness can spread for years without causing any symptoms. Redoing the root canal or performing an apicoectomy are two alternatives for treating a botched root canal.

What Happens When A Root Canal Fails?

If the root canal fails, the first thing you should do is visit a dentist to get root canal treatment in kolkata as soon as possible. So that you can be pain-free as soon as possible. A subsequent root canal treatment is required in some cases. When a root canal fails, however, re-treatment is not always necessary. The most common therapy is tooth extraction, which removes the affected tooth.

Extraction prevents the diseased tooth from infecting the jawbone. When a tooth is missing, the bone density in the mouth might deteriorate, making it difficult to place a dental implant. When the jawbone begins to deteriorate, it can cause teeth to shift, speech issues, and even affect your look by causing your face to wrinkle.

What Are the Treatment Options for Root Canals That Have Failed?


Retreatment is the most common treatment for unsuccessful root canals. This method, which entails removing the original filling and cleansing the canal, has the best success rate. The region is then resealed to prevent future infection and bacteria from entering.


When there is a barrier surrounding the tooth that restricts access to the root canal, this operation is performed. This approach works effectively if a crown was installed during the original operation. To gain access to the root, a small flap is produced in the gum. To prevent additional infection, the dentists will remove the contaminated region and replace it with a new seal.


If retreatment fails or the dentist is unable to restore the tooth in any other way, this is the last option. Implants could be utilised to repair the gap left by the tooth extraction in this case. The dentist will examine the patient carefully to identify the extent of the root canal failure. They’ll consider all choices before deciding on the optimal one for the patient.

Root canal in itself is a very critical dental procedure but redoing a failed RCT is more complex. Do make sure to look for a new dentist as the previous one is responsible for your current situation. Search for “single sitting rct treatment near me” to find a highly ranked and best-ranked dentist near you.


Do Root Canals treatments Hurt A Lot?

No, a root canal treatment is painless. Prior to continuing with the root canal treatment, a dentist will use local anaesthesia to numb the contaminated region for ensuring a painless treatment.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

When the root canal treatment is finished, the treated tooth will recover within a couple of days. Patients could encounter some pain once they stir from anaesthesia; this is probably going to end within a couple of days because of medicine.

Could One Get RCT Done In A Day?

Most root canal treatments can be effectively completed by a dentist in a single day. In specific instances of serious infection or back tooth, a dentist might allow 2-3 days appointment for completing the treatment.

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