Frightfully Fun ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Yard Decorations

Add to your Nightmare Before Christmas yard decorations collection with the new Lock, Shock, and Barrell inflatables to create a full set with Jack, Zero, Sally, and Oogie Boogie. There will be no mistaking whose house is the creepiest on the block with the whole Tim Burton’s Nightmare Halloweentown collection.

Inflatable Nightmare Before Christmas Yard Decorations

Coming in at 4 feet each, Lock, Shock, and Barrel come as a three-piece set to decorate your lawn but will set you back $129 bones. The trio glows at night with internal LED lights automatic inflation motors for effortless trouble. These characters bring the essential spooky season to life, combined with other inflatables from the NBC collection. Bonus points if you find a Christmas decoration Santa inflatable and wrap him up to the side!

lock shock and barrel yard decorations nightmare before christmas
Credit: The Home Depot

Next up, the pumpkin king himself rules over the yard with sidekick pup in tow. Zero’s nose glows with an LED from his doghouse which is attached to Jack Skellington’s base. The air-blown halloween decoration smiles with mischief and spooky thoughts when you plug him in. It’s easy to combine with Oogie, Sally, or the haunted henchman above for a perfect halloween scene. Jack is a bit less expensive at $69.00 for this buddy set.

jack and zero yard decorations
Credit: The Home Depot

The “Frightful Flicks” collection for The Home Depot is an inflatable collection for Halloween inspired by the best and most creepy of popular films. The website describes the debut collection as the following:

With decor taken directly from horror-film classics to less frightening options for your family-focused fun. Choose from multiple styles and materials to create movie magic in your own home. Decorate indoors and out with items taken directly from frightful movies… Whether they take over your dreams or show up in the drain, these chilling figures come straight from your favorite films. Set up a sweet welcome with charming film friends or provide a bit of ghoulish fun with scarier finds in this Frightful Flicks collection.

Of course, there are other Disney inflatables for exterior Halloween decorations if Nightmare Before Christmas is still a little too spooky for your family. Mickey and Minnie as Vampires, Coco’s Miguel and Dante, a 12′ Jack and some extraneous (but loveable) pop culture Sandworms. They range from about $25-210, so shop smart and plan your Halloween yard decorations for maximum trick or treating fun.

Which epic nightmare Halloween decor piece will you choose? Leave us a comment below!

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