Oberlin Nutrition serves up shakes while promoting healthy lifestyle | Business

Tucked next to a laundromat in Oberlin sits a nutritional shop.

The shop, small and lined with pale walls, gives off a vibrant and bright contrast to the wooden decor when the sun beams inside.

Oberlin Nutrition owners Adrian Carter, 28, and Maria Pitts, 19, specialize in nutritional health and physical fitness. According to Carter, the shop gives people within the city an option of healthy shakes and teas while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“We give people a healthier option because there’s not a lot of that out there especially that’s quick and on the go. You can come in here and grab something really fast that’s good for you and gives you all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need,” Carter said.

Popular menu items include mega teas, which are teas with an energy tablet and collagen for healthy skin and nails. With shake flavors such as Oreo, birthday cake, cake batter, frosted animal cookie, the 90 shake flavors give customers a chance to satisfy their sweet tooth.

“You’re going to get something that tastes like dessert but also gives you the good stuff at the same time,” Carter said. “It’s killing two birds with one stone. It’s satisfying a sweet tooth but giving you nutrients.”

According to Carter, the shop sees more local community members come out as opposed to students despite being near Oberlin College.

“Our location is special because there’s nothing like us around here,” Carter said. “People come in from Oberlin and they’re excited.”

“I just think it’s unique here. Especially if you want a healthy option it stands out on that alone.”

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, the business has kept up with all additional and necessary sanitary measures and precautions, including cleaning everything at the top of the hour and taking away seating.

The capacity for the shop is 10 people and is now open for online ordering. Originally, online carryout was opened for the pandemic when takeout was only available, according to Pitts.

“We still do that because so many people utilize it. I’m not sure if it’ll stay but people seem to like it,” she said.

Along with the online ordering, Pitts said she has seen a strong increase in business since the pandemic began.

“Everyone asks how it affected us, but I don’t know what to say,” she said. “It was unexpected, but people came more than ever.”

With such a focus on health, Carter said he believes people started coming to the shop to become healthier as a precautionary measure for COVID-19.

“It gave people more awareness for physical health. If you aren’t healthy, you have a better chance of getting it,” Carter said.

With the shop being carryout, Carter said the energy of the business has shifted.

“We didn’t offer carryout before,” he said. “People used to come in to hang out and now we gave people a chance to order online. It kind of changed the vibe.”

Part of what Pitts said makes the business such a staple for the community is the simplicity of the business.

“A lot of people are starting to come in. Ordering is simple, you just circle what you want on a piece of paper and we make it for you,” she said.

With the pandemic still carrying on, Oberlin Nutrition plans to continue to supply the community with healthy meal replacement shakes and teas.

“I think right now is the time to get healthy,” Carter said. “Now is the time to check in with ourselves and ask us what we’re going to put in our bodies. Your immune system is going to save you.”

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